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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scan It & Bag It!

Alex mans the 'Discovery Depot' grocery store. She counts fake money better than anybody!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This room will be finished within 2 weeks.

Believe me?


I'm still sick, but they kids gotta eat, right?

Actually, this looks good. I think I'll join them.

Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, Grands Rolls.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Argh! A lack of creativity and wit comes with a degree of fever, a sore throat headache, etc.

(I know, you are thinking 'Creativity? Wit? I've never read that here.)

In any case, I'm going to take some time to rest. I will be back ~hopefully tomorrow.

No Class...

I think the most frustrating part about being a substitute teacher, is when you don't get all of the information you need.

Today I called the sitter to be at the house by 7:15am, thus doubling her pay for today, only to get to the school and find out the teacher I am here for doesn't have a class during 1st block!

Hurry up and wait... isn't that the way it always goes?

Does today feel like a Monday to anyone else?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And You Can Say "I Read Her Back When..."

Why? Because I am a writer. Writers write.

It doesn't have to be great, or stay on one subject, or even be anything that thousands of people want to read (although, I have to say, that would be awesome).

Someday (when the kids are grown and I am suddenly finding myself with moments of spare time that weren't snatched at midnight) all of my writing will become focused on a single objective. A book? Maybe. A screenplay? Possibly. A catchy song or two that the radio can't stop playing? I hope.

For now though, I have this.

Today I blog, tomorrow I conquer the world.

Won't See One of These Today...

Carl Edwards was in first place at Talladega with half a lap to go... with less than a quarter of a lap to go, he was in the air, and in the fence.

He climbed out of his crushed car and pulled a 'Ricky Bobby'... ran to the finish line. I love that guy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Go Out Walkin'...

No, it's not after midnight, but it is late.

The kids were wired and we all needed to burn off some energy.

Nap Time

2 down, 3 to go.


I promised elephant rides to all the kids, but Lauren said No.

At The Circus

Yep, we even have trains at the circus (they are everywhere!).

J's Flowers

So pretty! I had to catch a quick pic before the storms hit. We are headed to the circus with my sister & her kids.

Not sure why we have to drive so far. I'm pretty sure anyplace we go with three adults and eight children becomes a circus immediately upon our entrance.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Because They Could...

Four young men from my Alma Mater (seen here) came to the classroom where I was teaching today.

They worked with the kids on math and social studies and the kids loved them. Before they left I asked which education class they were serving hours for (thinking I might know the instructor).

The Answer? None.

They aren't even education majors.

The guy I was talking to said "We come because ... of this guy." In the space of those three dots and as if on cue, a little boy ran up and wrapped his arms around the volunteer's waist grinning from ear to ear.

Off The Wall

Notice the lack of grass right by the wall? It is due to the world's deadliest grass killer...

Children's feet.

This is the 'time-out' wall for the students who lose some or all of their recess privileges... and if nobody is looking, it's also where girls go in search of 'bad boys' to follow. I had no idea it started so young!

While patrolling the wall I had to tell 6 little girls (we are talking age 8) to stay away from the (admittedly adorable) little boy who was on the wall unless they want to lose recess also. They walked away quickly but the boy flashed a 'Yep, I'm eight and already THAT charming.' smile at me.

Oh my is that one going to be trouble someday...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Put the Lime in the Coconut...

If I dip the chips LIGHT sour cream that makes it okay, right?

Haha! Notice the bag is completely empty!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good Mom...

A good mom always re-blankets her children before she goes to bed.

(But does a good mom take a picture of it using a flash? lol)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry I'm Not Home Right Now

I'm walking into spiderwebs...

I can always tell the difference between a teacher taken completely by surprise by their own absence and one who knew they might be coming down with something.

The teacher I worked for today, went into labor three weeks early.

(Subs never get to do the fun messy projects!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's be clear...

... it was only ice water on Friday.

That could explain why I beat Justin at darts (301) 5 times in one night!

(I was kind enough to let him slaughter me at pool though. The smarty-pants called all of his shots just to rub it in!)


I don't typically believe in 'luck'. However, I have driven so many old, broken down, barely hanging on vehicles over the years that now, filling the gas tank in my van because that is when thing will inevitably go wrong... when you have a full tank of gas.

I suppose you think that's crazy, but in 12 years of car ownership, I've lost 4 or 5 full tanks of gas. Two bad transmissions, one wreck that was totalled, then one fuel pump went out and the tank had to be drained to fix it!

Rain Rain Go Away...

But I'll take you over snow any day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Following Directions...

If it says "take with food or milk" don't laugh and say that jellybeans are food.

You will be sorry.

Even Without the Ribs...

Rib Shack Onion Rings - $5.19

Drive across town - $.25 in gasoline

Having these to munch on during the NASCAR race... AWESOMENESS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cucumber Sharks

And to think I wasted all my high school days in math and science! Home economics rocks!

Awakened Young Adults: Singles

His word description:
people from all different teams playing the same game... it could be football or baseball...
Her answer: Tennessee

That's okay though, it beats earlier...

His word description:
cartoon character, soft, yellow, absorbs water.
My answer: Big Bird!

We are all a bunch of goofballs! (At least it is good to know I'm not the only one!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother Hen

I rarely get to meet a teacher before I sub in his or her class, but it always makes me smile when I meet a teacher who gives me instructions for the day as if I am taking care of her own children.

Today's teacher gave us packets of work to do and page numbers on where to find the info if they needed help.

She went on to show me the white boards (yes, those covering the wall back there as well as another off to the side that you can't see) and said to feel free to write on them, and take own the posters if we needed more room.

Nobody but a worried mother would give those kind of just-in-case instructions when she hadn't given us board work to do in the first place.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mrs. Timberlake

It's nice to know that Lance Bass donated to Goodwill once he came to terms with what would never be.

Giggle, Giggle, Snorkel

I sent this pic to a couple of friends with a note about them knowing where to get this equpment now should they decide to swim laps next week at the YMCA.

That would be funnier to you if you sat with us every week during our children's swim lessons and watched elderly swimmers do laps in speedos and snorkeling gear.

Smoothee Talking

A little difficult without an actual blender, frozen strawberry and milk smoothies are totally worth the time & occasional mess!

Add sugar to taste (you'll need less than you think).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sheer Genius

These guys were moving a glass-topped patio table on the top of their van... with the glass still in it.

I snapped a picture at the light and then got away as quickly as possible!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Child with a Tail

(Hint: look right in the middle of the photo.)

Free Pony Rides

The best ponies are the kind you don't have to clean up after.

Just a Comment...

No pic for ths one, just something I wanted to say...

If you choose to bring your child to a construction site so she can "see what you do", DO NOT find the nearest woman and ask her to watch your child for you or "find something for her to do". Especially if that woman is standing on a ladder installing insulation as fast as the guys in the next room can cut it.

If I wanted to babysit, I wouldn't have found someone to watch my kids while I was helping out at the church!

Rant over. I'm better now. Continue on with your day. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

And The List Goes On...

Toys done.

Next step, laundry.

More Insulation

It took a few hours of doing it the hard way, but I finally figured out a way to cut insulation!

Actually, I called 1-800-2ChaCha and asked what the best way would be to cut insulation.

2 minutes later, they sent me a text with my answer!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Nope, not moving.

Kids are gone for a few days (spring break). So I get to sort through toys to send upstairs, put back in the box down here, send to the dump, and donate somewhere.

They'll know stuff is missing... but they never are able to figure out what it is.

A Little Ridiculous

This is a picture of my front door.

Notice the snowflake bells on the front?

Take a closer look at the glass to see the springy Easter clings.

The sad part of this that they are still both appropriate.

Bring on summer!

My Awesome Van

Yesterday I tried out my awesome built-in air compressor to pump up the tires on Lauren's stroller.

I'm going to love this thing!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucky Girl

This was left in the yard all night and didn't get stolen.

Talk about your everyday miracles...

A Prayer Answered

J's car quit unexpectedly on Sunday.

Prayers were said for simple, inexpensive fix.

This is the place that took care of it. We always use them because they do great work inexpensively. Still, a car repair is a car repair, right?

This one turned out to be a bad connection thay only cost him $27!

Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moon Sand

This is cool stuff. Isaac and the girls and I worked together to build a few things just for fun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Brave Girls

Ella & Lauren go off the diving board.

Lauren was excited to go, but afterwards refused to smile at anyone. "That was not fun." she said.

Ella, on the other hand LOVES it. (No video of Isaac as he is still unconvinced.)


10 minutes early for swim lessons. At least it feels like a sauna in here so he isn't freezing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Global Warming? HA!

Yeah, that's snow.

Yes, it is APRIL.

No, I don't live in Alaska.

Could someone call the local weatherman for me and tell him to pull the plug on the snow machine and crank up that sunshine?

Hurray for LEFTOVERS!

Yep, I told you about them yesterday... Rib Shack leftovers.

I ate them earlier, but now my mouth is just watering looking at this picture!

One of those days...

This is my friend's baby... she was having one of those days when I took the pic. I'm having one today! (But it will get better.... it always does!)

I believe strongly that we each choose our own attitude moment by moment.

So, now I'm going to smile and find something good to post about.


Spring is awesome.

Flowers on the store shelves that look like this mean there will be some outside soon!

Lauren loves flowers too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Love This Guy!

He is adorable.

Rib Shack is my Happy Place

I don't know what is best about Rib Shack, the awesome food, the leftovers, the post-Rib Shack-coma, or the fact that J and I don't even have to say the name of the place.

We are on the same wavelength on a lot of things, especially good food.

Today -after no previous food conversation- he said "Should we get something light to eat now and have a good dinner later?"

My response,"I think if we are out running errands, I can wait for dinner until 4, you?"

He smiled because once again we knew what the other was thinking... Ribs! (They open at 4PM)

PS The pictures are good, but don't do the place justice. I didn't remember to take a pic until I started eating already.

Insulating the New Church



Todd & Scott

One of the two walls Niki and I insulated today.

This will be the sanctuary.

There were lots of people helping at the new church today morning. Niki and I spent the morning hanging insulation.

It was actually fun, (itchy, but fun) and it helped get the church just a little closer to being finished.