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Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Okay, we've done this before... hope you all enjoy!

I did not get to the cold wet Memorial Day parade and realize that my children didn't bother to grab jackets before they left the house. I also did not take J's jacket, put it on Lauren (ther 3yr old) and tie the arms behind her back like a straight-jacket, while giggling. Nor would I EVER tell J "wait until they throw candy" and giggle some more as she furiously tries to get her arms out to snatch up the sweets. (Don't worry, I made sure she got plenty and I untied the arms right away).

I did not work 1.5 days of the 4 work-days that my brother was in town. I would never work on a day when Peter, who I hadn't seen in over 6 years is in town and staying at my house! (He did make plans with others though, so it worked out).

I most certainly did not and would not ever try on a an array of dresses that required me to go braless before the wedding on Saturday and I definately did not consider charging a couple of them that wouldn't work for the wedding but were super cute. (Thank goodness I've got a good head on my shoulders when it comes to $$$. I put them back.)

I also did not not do any dishes the whole week that Peter was here, and due to this, did not make mac and cheese in my deep 12" skillet on Friday because all of my pots were dirty. In fact, I kept this place completely spotless for his whole visit, despite the fact that this meant I never got one stitch of sleep... because I would never let anyone see this house messy. Nope! Not me.

I did not tell everyone I know about the fundraiser for Lauren because when I said I was done pushing it... I meant it, 100%! I would never change my mind and hand out 20 catalogs to friends, family and strangers (including a few at the wedding reception... including the bartender!)

Lastly, I did not -at the reception where I had previously had one fruity alcoholic drink- think it would be funny to empty J's double shot of Jose Quervo when he wasn't looking... and that did not lead me to drinking a few more and becoming giggly and silly. J did not one time feel the need to remind me that we were in public when I attacked him leaned in for a kiss on the dance floor. Also, Sunday morning, we did not have to walk to my house from his to get my car to drive to where we left his at the reception the night before! Because I do not get drunk. Ever. Not even on special occasions. Nope. Not me!

And I definitely WILL NOT hit refresh on MckMama's blog today a million times in order to try and be one of the first to link to my page through hers! (And I did not do it last week either, nor was I annoyed at myself for wasting a bunch of time checking and rechecking for her post even though I KNEW it was Memorial Day and she probably decided not to do one.)

I would never do any of those things. NOT ME! Never.

Ready or not... here I come! I can't wait to read what you haven't been doing this week...


  1. Sometimes it is too much fun to NOT cut loose or at least cut a rug on the dance floor!

    Happy Not Me Monday,

  2. This Memorial Day WAS cold... what's up with that?

  3. I don't even drink on those special occassions because I'm always the designated driver! It's been awhile since I had more than one! It's always good to let loose now and then! Congrats on the weight loss, I know how hard it can be!

  4. Funny Not Me's! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!!

  5. Fun Not mes! I occasionally drink too much on special occasions too. I mean, I never do that! Thanks for visitng me earlier today!

  6. It sounds like you had a great week!!! You had some great Not Me moments!

  7. I will most definitely try the jacket/straight jacket technique. Too funny!