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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a note...

It is always great when you and your child have a similar sense of humor. (If I could only teach her to use her natural sense of sarcasm for good and not evil!... but I digress.)

Alex's teacher said that if students were going to have their friends sign their shirts they had to have a note from their parents saying it was okay.

She won't lose this note! (And pardon the 'airbrush', I may not be completely anonymous... but I'd like to make it as hard as possible for ax-murderers to find me.)


  1. I didn't make my students do that, but maybe I should have?!? I haven't had any parents call to complain, so I am SAFE for now!! It is funny how much students get into that at the end of the year.

  2. you know, the airbrushed thing is a good idea. but you're not ax-murderer-proof just yet. i see your name on the nice little examiner photo at the top left :-)

  3. Well, yes, my name is other places... but I didn't think ax murderers would be smart enough to figure that out!
    (If one find me now, I'll totally blame you Jessi!)