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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This is a break from my normal cell-phone blogging, but it looked like fun. I learned the phrase "Not Me Monday" from MckMamma's Blog. Stellan is doing so much better and the family is back together now. I had to participate today... if you don't know what Not Me Monday is, keep reading:

I did not, upon finding out that KFC was having a problem fulfilling their coupons for free dinners, bribe my children not to whine with their choice of completely nutrition-less Lunchables on Saturday. Also, I did not eat leftover BBQ ribs with a ceasar spinach wrap for lunch yesterday while my kids ate lunchmeat turkey sandwiches. I am very concerned with the food my children puts into their bodies, and would never let them eat junk to make my day go more smoothly. Nope, NOT ME!

I did not run errands in my slippers this weekend because I was pretty sure I wouldn't need to get out of the van while I was out. I always put fashion above comfort so I would never do something so embrassing. I especially would not get out of the van and go into Family Dollar because I remembered something I needed while wearing the aforementioned slippers. NEVER! Not me!

Lastly, I did not spend any extra time on the computer this morning instead of doing the things that are on my list and I definitely did not contemplate skipping swimming lessons tonight in order to get more stuff done. Not me!
(I am definitely doing this again... hopefully next time with pictures!) :-)


  1. Loved your Not Me's!

    I wear my slippers to take my son to school every day. I will drive around and around the block to get a spot in front so I can drop him off and not have to walk him up to the doors in my slippers. LOL!

    Even though I see way too many moms wearing their slippers. Not a fashion club I want to admit I'm in!

  2. Found your Not Me's! from MckMama's blog. What fun!

    I would wear slippers every single day if I could get away with it. And lunchables may be nutrition-less, but I love the little desserts!

  3. Glad to know that you take your kids out without shoes too! Makes me feel better! I read on your donor blog about all you've been through. WOW. You are one amazing momma. You are strong and I completely respect you! Thanks for stopping by!